Dear members of EnvioHQ community,  

With utmost pleasure, we have successfully launched our BETA on July 1st of 2023 and thanks to your feedback, worked on and deployed the following features and bug fixes throughout last month:  

Milestone feature 

Our milestone feature for this month was creating a load trip sheet that provides you with a system generated PDF with all the load details that your company drivers and owner operators should know about. It comes as an optional attachment, when dispatching the load from the system and select which documents you wish to include in the dispatch email: 

When you are ready, simply click on the ”Dispatch” button in the top right corner of the screen and an email will be sent to the driver with all the necessary information, depending on their contractor type (company drivers are not provided with the linehaul rate and customer/broker contact details at this time, only owner operators are). 

In total, we have pushed a number of releases to production, and other notable features and bug fixes include:  

  • Multi carrier support – If you are a trucking dispatching agency or a carrier with multiple authorities that you manage, EnvioHQ now supports account switching between these entities in a single click! Learn more in this help center article
  • Accounting Module upgrades – we have perfected the original versions of our Invoices and Driver Pay and added more default charge codes to all modules to accommodate your needs. Check out these tutorials to master your finances using EnvioHQ! 
  • Fuel and toll charges mapping – to ensure that they always end up on the correct driver settlement  
  • Load, truck, trailer and all other filtering options in all modules 
  • Many small bug fixes to enhance your experience across the platform, primarily regarding driver settlements to close the load cycle and prepare for the next steps 

Coming next!  

A lot of exciting things are in the pipeline, most notably:  

  • We are working on creating a seamless way to import your loads, drivers, equipment and anything else from any TMS your previously used in a spreadsheet 
  • We are in the process of creating a preventive maintenance tracking system that will help you reach the new level of insight into your fleet maintenance 
  • We will be adding an alerts dashboard to keep you up to date on all the important endorsement, documents, permit and insurance expiration dates. So, make sure to enter as many of these when creating your asset profiles.  

If you have a feature request that you would like to share with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out by sending us an email to  

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